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Web App Projects Status

Romac Industries
Romac Hydraulic Calculator

Romac Hydraulic Calculator

Corporate Calculator Measuring Pipe Hydraulics
Version 1.4 - In Production
Users: Hydraulic Piping Executives, Engineers, Contractors
Dev Platform: Flash App Developed for the client-side

This web app was developed to calculate thrust restraint through their hydraulic fittings for their website users. It combines Flash ActionScript with some back end PHP to calculate trigonometric algorithmic functions.

Gridiron Graph
Interactive Gridiron Graph

Interactive Gridiron Graph

Sports Media Content For The NFL
Version 4.2 - In Production
Users: Football Sports Fans
Dev Platform: Flash App with XHTML framework

Engaging web app developed for the NFL with embedded flashing banner link to NFLShop.com. Designed to bring fans to the products they are most likely to buy. Econometric results and marketing trends data allow licensed corporate sponsor to track app stickiness and click-throughs.

A Talking Calculator

A Talking Calculator

First Client-side Audio Calculator App
Version 8.2 - In Production
Users: Scientist, Engineers, Students
Dev Platform: Framed JavaScript and Flash Web App

This web app is interactive digital sports media providing a graphic representation of the statistical data from a football game accompanying descriptions and analysis. Innovative web app uses invisible frames to maintain state and perform client-side audio functions.

Who is it?
Who Is It?

Who Is It?

Web Based Network IP Tracking System
Version 0.2 - In Beta
Users: Network Techs, Network Managers
Dev Platform: Internet HTTP Protocol Database Search

Tech system for gathering information over the web utilizing public web content. Searches provide the results in a framed website system. The tracking functionality could be beneficial to utilize in other web apps. This public service of finding IP addresses is also a presentation of this technical process.

Mortgage Simulator
Mortgage Simulator

Mortgage Simulator

Mortgage Simulation Form System & Calculator
Version 2.6 - Out of Production
Users: Mortgage Broker Clients
Dev Platform: Flash Template Design with a PHP back end

System created to emulate the mortgage application process and provide users to apply on-line through a Flash web app. Provides stylized animated user interface to a data collection system that allows for financial analysis.