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Webovations Interactive Digital Media, LLC is an independent company engaged in the development, production and incubation of innovative websites, inventive web apps and interactive digital media mainly using mainly open source web technologies.

It is the mission of WIDM to cultivate a diverse portfolio of graded projects under our technical management and financial guidance.  Each project is evaluated based on the business model, the technical feasibility, an economic analysis and an assessment of risk, along with other factors such as social concerns and benefits to humanity.  These projects range from digital books, sports media content, social networking sites, research engines, network programs, mobile apps, data metrics, cloud services and ecommerce sites.  We retain from 35% to 100% controlling interest in our projects.  Web based products are produced using nimble management processes while adopting aggressive project plan goals.  Our projects are technically based on the open source architecture using the LAMP production platform.

In 2000 WIDM created A Talking Calculator which was the first web based scientific calculator to use audio functionality entirely relying solely on client-side programming.  In 2004 we published a unique collection of Digital Media including four Interactive Books.  We have specialized in developing web custom science calculator Web Apps for local corporate clients, which included engineering, economic and financial formula functions.  In 2008 we designed an artificial intelligence question answering system that evolved into our popular research engine located at Top100K.com. Now 2013 marks its new release with the latest version 2.2, along with two other major database driven Websites.

WIDM Founder
Erik C. Holm


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