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Our Sports Division is a large part of our entertainment content business model.

Webovations Interactive Digital Media, LLC is engaged in the development and production of sports related interactive digital media mainly using Flash multimedia web technologies.

These sports apps are available through exclusive licensing agreements or as a complete production system with more content control.  They directly link the app user to ecommerce shopping through embedded advertising. These banner type ads can be animated and interactive.  They are the most effective type of banner ads on the web due to the high stickiness factor of sports graph apps.  User engagement while utilizing an interactive graph is much longer, with a much higher click-rate, than that of other sports websites with pictures and articles.  Targeted marketing campaigns can be presented to each user while tracking results and marketing trends.

Our sports media consist mainly of interactive graphs and charts that highlight major sporting events.  We have graphed the sports data from both college and pro sporting events including NCAA bowls and Super Bowl football games, to NCAA Final Four basketball tournament games and now the NBA Playoffs.  We also have developed a series of specialty apps for certain college programs. These multimedia sports apps include interactivity, audio, video and animation.

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