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< < Back   WIDM's products are produced using nimble management processes while adopting aggressive business goals. This includes both conventional and unconventional marketing, including the use of social media. In fact, this letter is a part of a three phased effort by WIDM in seeking investors also using LinkedIn and Twitter.

My business and technical philosophy after 20 years in the industry is slightly divergent from most current web businesses. These fundamental ideas are based on long-term web business experience. The essence is based on a dual core founded technically on open source software and financially on long-term business sustainability. Too many great ideas are built on fads, foundations that are prone to failure in the long term. If we can sustain to grow in this sector by upgrading our projects while expanding our monetization through investment we can grow exponentially in a short period or survive to live through short-term changes. My own ability to sustain and grow through personal and business perseverance is a testament to the potential that exist in the WIDM web tech incubator.

In this industry there are a lot of mistakes that can occur. While developing for many dotcom and other tech companies I have seen many of them stumble and fall due to technical issues, mismanagement and poor decisions. So it is of crucial importance to be aware that this is common. By being agile and having the financial backing to allow for evolution and growth, no matter what the environment, we can maintain sustainability leading to success.   More . . .

WIDM Founder
Erik CA Holm


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