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Webovations Interactive Digital Media, LLC is an independent company engaged in the development, production and incubation of innovative websites, ingenious web apps and interactive digital media designed around proven business models.

My background in both general business modeling and mathematical modeling, along with data analysis within the scope of web development has allowed me to refine both the business process and web developmental process (LinkedIn Profile). These skills have helped in developing and rating projects for the WIDM web tech incubator. Business monetization modeling of these incubator projects allows us to put our assets in all the right places. Finding the right monetization model is key to making a luminous project brilliant.

It is the goal of WIDM to cultivate a diverse range of projects under our technical management and financial guidance.  Each project is rated based on the business model, the technical feasibility, an economic analysis and an assessment of risk, along with other factors such as social concerns and benefits to humanity.  These projects range from digital books, sports media content, social networking websites, research engines, network programs to ecommerce websites.  More . . .

WIDM Founder
Erik CA Holm


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