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< < Back   The project monetization models are the crucial element to the growth of the WIDM incubator. Each project is reanalyzed after implementation and initial feedback. We have successfully implemented and tested models on our top four projects. Our monetization models are typically upfront, this avoids the shock of trying to switch from a free plan to a monetized plan. The models are currently based on proven industry models including licensing and sponsorship models.

By surviving we will persevere. Longevity through integrity, frugality and diversity will help us survive, evolve and adapt. I am convinced that we can avoid the mistakes made by other incubator managers. The survivalist philosophy of the WIDM incubator is derived from hard earned experience.

To achieve success we rate our projects, monetize early, methodically invest in the property then have the ability to flip it or retain it dependent upon financial projections. By getting in on the front end of our unique web tech projects we can leverage your investment for the greatest possible return. To increase the value of the property the implementation of a viable monetization model is the key.

WIDM Founder
Erik CA Holm


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