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Website Projects Status

PugetSoundLife.net Social Network Image


Local Social Network For The Puget Sound
Version 3.2 - In Production
Users: Local Businesses, Members, Visitors
Dev Platform: Joomla Site on LAMP Servers

Combines local businesses with local users through social advertising. Social media site networks three different user levels include web users, site members and local businesses. Local reports, profiles, surveys, photos, contests, recipes and digital media posted by members. Site features include an XML photo display app, traffic reporting app and marketing trends analysis systems.

Top 100,000 Most Informative Websites Image


A Community Supported Research Engine
Version 1.2 - In Production Prototype
Users: Web Researchers, Subject Matter Experts, Users
Dev Platform: LAMP Stack, Flash

Presents a list of links, titles and detailed descriptions for the top informative websites for conducting research in various academic categories. Sites are contributed via exclusive member submissions. Frames based site includes proprietary search system technologies and exclusive client-side Flash app for category organizational subsystem.

Web Math Project Image

Web Math Projects

Academic Social Network For Teaching Mathematics
Version 0.8 - Beta Version
Users: Mathematicians, Programmers, Teachers, Students, Visitors
Dev Platform: Joomla Site on LAMP Servers with Flash Web Apps

Teaching math fundamentals with audio, animation and interactivity using multimedia teaching tools and the Interactive talking Math Book. Includes Joomla content management system, Flash interactive math puzzles, various math brain teasers, Perl unique prime number analysis. Site designed to assist learning for students at the high school and university levels.

The Mortgage Simulator

Mortgage Simulator

Simulated Mortgage Calculator Form
Version 1.4 - Out of Production
Users: Mortgage Seekers
Dev Platform: Flash template based website

The Mortgage Simulator gives the users seeking loan approval the information about what the lenders does for a mortgage approval. It gives them the ability to get a detailed explanation interactively. Flash based form app and secure flash login modules enhances the site interface giving it a zazzy effect.

Togaora Image


Ecommerce Site For Clothing
Version 1.4 - Beta Version
Users: Sellers and Buyers
Dev Platform: Joomla Site with VirtuMart on LAMP Servers

Experimental ecommerce site designed as a community marketplace and social network where people can buy, sell and donate clothing. Anticipated business model will allow the sellers to pay to set up booths for selling their items through the site.