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Webovations Interactive Digital Media grows web based projects to flourish by applying needed intellectual and monetary resources. We currently have thirteen total properties defined in the incubator's portfolio including four top-rated start-up projects developed to capitalize on current business trends in an effort to induce a progressive growth rate.

Two of the top-rated projects are monetized. Each incubator project is independent, with its own unique business strategy, economic plan and project policies, designed for incorporation. After each project matures it is evaluated to see if it should be leveraged or retained. This can be decided by projections based on four determining factors.

We are a strictly independent company engaged in web development and the on-line production of innovative websites, ingenious web apps and interactive digital media with a registered domain established in 1999. WIDM . . .

"Web-centric technologies are an integral part of the paradigm shift to a more informed era where they can be used for societal benefits."

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